Planning Report – October 2021

To find out the latest news on what is being planned in your local area, check out our latest Planning Report with up-to-date information on Planning Applications including developments in:

  • Gladeside
  • The Glade
  • Land R/O Firsby Ave, Verdayne Ave, Ridgemount Ave
  • Orchard Avenue
  • Orchard Rise
  • Orchard Way
  • Shirley Avenue
  • Woodmere Avenue and Woodmere Gardens.

With the all the latest information on the Croydon Local Plan Review Consultation, which is planned for November/December 2021 and the New National Planning Policy Framework Design Codes.

Also, take a look at the MORA Planning App, which gives you an easy way to track all the current and recent planning applications within the MORA area. It’s simple to use and free for you to access.

Croydon Local Plan Review (October/November 2021)

The Croydon Local Plan Review consultation, previously planned for June/July 2021 is now planned for public consultation between October/November 2021.  We are preparing representation evidence for this consultation.

This Croydon Plan will define the Planning Policies for Croydon and Shirley for the next five years when the Plan will require a further revision (as required by Statute).

The Government have published guidance for LPAs which supports the revised (March 21) London Plan requirement to define “Design Codes” for localities which includes parameters to define “Local Character” and local “infrastructure provision” appropriate for a development’s “Site Capacity”.

The Design Codes should also define the Housing Density appropriate for the setting i.e., for Outer (London) Suburban, Suburban, Urban and Central.

If you believe that recent developments are overdeveloped for the area, it would be helpful if you responded to this forthcoming consultation to emphasise the requirement to be compliant to the government recommendation in their Revised Local Plan Review Policy during the Consultation.

Currently, there is NO guidance on the appropriate Density for any locality in Croydon and therefore developers can squeeze as many Dwellings as possible (Units) on a site without regard to the  site capacity, locality or supporting infrastructure.

The MORA Committee Member on Planning is active in preparing for the consultation and will provide further guidance and information on our website during the consultation period on how to respond and the policies to target.