Become a Volunteer Vaccinator!

If you are in a priority group and have not been offered a Covid-19 vaccination appointment yet, please do not worry – the NHS will offer you one soon.

The NHS will continue to contact people directly to invite them to receive the vaccine when it is their turn. This may be via the phone, text message or letter from a Croydon GP practice.

Please note that these letters will not give you a specific appointment time, they will provide a number for you to ring in order to book your slot, so there is no danger of you missing out on a vaccination appointment if your post has been delayed.

The NHS is working flat out to offer the vaccine as quickly and safely as they can. But the they need our help and support to get everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have asked St John Ambulance to support its mass vaccination programme.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, St John’s highly skilled volunteers have already given hundreds of thousands of hours of their time, supporting the NHS in caring for patients on board ambulances, in hospitals and as part of vital community projects, such as this year’s seasonal flu vaccinations.

All of that work continues, and the charity has now been tasked with training thousands of volunteers ready to administer COVID-19 vaccinations as soon as they are available.

Between now and spring 2021, they have plans to train more than 30,000 volunteers. Using their longstanding expertise, they will empower people like you to deliver these vital jabs and take care of people before and after they receive them.

There are 3 roles specific to the vaccination programme:

  • Volunteer Vaccinator
  • Vaccination Care Volunteer
  • Volunteer Patient Advocate

Some people, specifically the Volunteer Vaccinators, will be able to give vaccinations, but others are there to support people as they go through the process of having the flu or COVID-19 vaccination.

To find out more about becoming a Volunteer Vaccinator, please click here.