Shirley North Safer Neighbourhood Team Ward Panel Meeting Update

We are looking to hold our next panel meetings on August 11th 2021, and on 24th November 2021. We hope by then we will be able to have face to face meetings however with the current guidelines we cannot say for certain.

Our priorities for our ward are:

1. Violence related anti-social behaviour
– We are seeing an increase in anti-social behaviour from school children, this is then leading to inter school fighting between the children. So far we have made the schools, schools team officers and other local units aware. We are working with each of them to try and resolve these issues

2. Shoplifting
– We are also seeing an increase in shoplifting, this issue is mostly contained to where the bus stops coincide with local shops. From the information we have already gathered we believe that it is mostly school children causing these issues which again we are working with the schools to alleviate.

3. Motor-vehicle crime
– There has been a rise in motor-vehicle crime. There is an ongoing operation at the moment to try and prevent the catalytic converter thefts which resulted in a 45% decrease in the thefts. As a Neighbourhood Team we have been adjusting our patrol times to try and deter any opportunists.

We have listened to the requests made of us for our next meeting and we are aiming to bring you some improvements in our next ward meeting:

1. Statistics
– We will try to bring you the statistics relating to the results of the crimes reported, and we will look to bring together the statistics for the quarter however please understand that sometimes data protection laws will prevent us from being able to share these with you. We will look to collate the data to bring you comparisons between our ward and the rest of Croydon borough.

2. Strategy for preventing crime
– Knowing about the issues on the ward is half of our battle. Without the knowledge that you, the local residents can bring to us we are not able to formulate plans to tackle the issues facing our ward.

If you have any more requests for us to look in to please let us know.

Mail to: Addington Police Station, Addington Village Road, Croydon, CR0 5AQ
Email to:

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on our website:

Register My Appliance Week April 26-30 2021

Croydon Trading Standards are taking part in the campaign to promote the message to consumers to register their appliances.

Go to  to register your appliance. It is estimated that there are 100 million older appliances in the UK that helped sustain us through lockdown.

Why Register my Appliance?

Registering is a wise safety precaution.

In a very small number of cases, manufacturers may identify problems with an appliance once the product has been in use for some time. They then need to contact you to get the fault corrected as quickly as possible. Normally a quick in-home fix by a qualified technician will banish any risk.

It can be very difficult to trace customers as they often do not provide contact details when they buy a product. So as a consumer, it is important that you take the responsibility to let manufacturers know that you own the appliance and ensure that they can get in touch directly should they need to.

Registering can also save you money by entitling you to an extended warranty or guarantee period.

  • Never miss out on appliance recalls
  • Be the first to know of any safety repairs or recalls
  • Improve your after sales service
  • Keep in touch with upgrade news