Croydon Healthy Homes – Energy Advice

Croydon Healthy Homes is Croydon Council’s free energy advice service aimed at Croydon residents on low incomes, and those more vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home (especially families with young children, older residents, and residents with pre-existing medical conditions).

Our team of qualified energy assessors can offer you the following:

  • advice about gas and electricity tariffs and payment methods;
  • checking you receive all the support you are entitled to from your energy supplier. This could include Warm Homes Discount (a £140 discount on your electricity bill), and support through the Priority Services Register
  • using OFGEM accredited price comparison sites, assisting you to find the best fuel tariffs for you, and if want to change to the new tariff, supporting you switch
  • advice about any debt you owe to your energy supplier
  • advice about discounts and support from your water company (such a 50% discount on your water bill)
  • advice about Smart Meters

If you own your home or if you rent it from a private sector landlord we can also offer:

  • an assessment to see if your household and home meets the eligibility criteria for grant funding for larger energy efficiency measures [for example insulation and new heating systems]. We can help you to apply for regional and national grants. Information about current schemes available and eligibility requirements are on our domestic energy advice page.
  • advice about using the heating controls in your home, and ensuring they are set appropriately for the needs of your household
  • advice about damp and mould issues (if you rent your property please seek support from your landlord before contacting us)
  • If you rent your home from Croydon Council or a Housing Association, please speak to their housing team for advice about energy improvements, your heating controls, and any damp and mould issues.

The advice is initially through a telephone consultation. Where appropriate and at our discretion, we can offer follow-up home visits and other face-to-face support.

Please email to apply for support.

In your email, please include:

  • your full name
  • your full address, including postcode
  • a daytime contact phone number
  • your housing tenure (whether you are an owner occupier, rent from a private landlord, rent from Croydon Council, or rent from a Housing Association)
  • the reasons you are looking for advice from Croydon Healthy Homes

If you are referring someone else please provide the details above for the resident, your contact details, and an explanation of your relationship to the resident you are referring. Please make sure you have their consent before emailing us

Domestic Energy Advice

Read our domestic energy advice page for information about local and regional schemes to help you reduce your fuel bills, and improve the energy efficiency of your home.