DEMOC Campaign Update – October Referendum

In September 2020, the Campaign for a Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon (DEMOC) formally handed in its petition that required Croydon Council to hold a referendum giving the people of Croydon the choice to change from the current failed council system to a new mayor, chosen directly by every voter in Croydon.

The Council at first refused to accept the petition was valid. After being threatened with court action, Croydon Council agreed to hold a referendum on 7th October 2021.

DEMOC are a group of Croydon Residents’ Associations supported by 17,000 residents seeking to change the way Croydon Council is run and make it better for all residents.

With the higher profile and status the position of Mayor brings, and with a mandate from the people, the Mayor will be well placed to bring the town together behind the steps that are now essential to put the town’s finances back on a sound footing including negotiation with Central Government. A Mayor can also create and develop a new vision for the town’s future in the post Covid-19, post-Brexit era, including a plan for the town centre.

For more information and details of how to help the campaign, visit the DEMOC website at: