Our fight for Save Shirley goes on

Do you want to wake up and look out of your window at a block of flats?  I guess not.

That’s why we need you to attend the Council meeting on Monday 18 July 2016 at Croydon Town Hall. This is our last chance to show the Council we still want changes to the plans before they are agreed and sent to the planning inspectorate.

So please make time to attend. The Croydon Local Plan will determine the amount new houses and flats that are to be built in Shirley over the next 20 years, once approved there’s no turning back.

We attended the last Council meeting and along with hundreds of you who joined us, we listened to the leaders of the Council tell us the Croydon Local Plan is about strengthening local communities and protecting family homes. Alison Butler, Deputy Leader told us: “Listening to the community is a much better way of working.”

But we know this isn’t true. The council’s original plans for Shirley included plans to replace our homes with blocks of flats and build on our green spaces. Had we not got together as a community with a single voice, they would have concreted over where we live.

And while people power has had a major impact, we need to keep up the fight. The area for intensification is still too large and we are demanding the Council reduce it even further. There are still too many residential roads that will face planning blight as developers knock down our houses and replace them with blocks of flats.

The plans are wholly unacceptable – they are not fit for purpose will gradually change the face of the area. We demand the Council scrap the intensification plans for Shirley.

Come and join us. We will be meeting outside the Council Chamber at 6pm, and will be letting Croydon Councillors know exactly what we think about their plans. We will have 30 minutes to ask questions.

Here are the details of the meeting:

The Council Chamber
Town Hall
Katharine Street

6.00pm: Meet outside council chamber.
6.30pm: Council Meeting starts.
Public Questions (30 minutes) is Agenda item 7 (Items 1-4 are procedural items).

Full Council Agenda:

For campaign news and updates: