Register My Appliance Week April 26-30 2021

Croydon Trading Standards are taking part in the campaign to promote the message to consumers to register their appliances.

Go to  to register your appliance. It is estimated that there are 100 million older appliances in the UK that helped sustain us through lockdown.

Why Register my Appliance?

Registering is a wise safety precaution.

In a very small number of cases, manufacturers may identify problems with an appliance once the product has been in use for some time. They then need to contact you to get the fault corrected as quickly as possible. Normally a quick in-home fix by a qualified technician will banish any risk.

It can be very difficult to trace customers as they often do not provide contact details when they buy a product. So as a consumer, it is important that you take the responsibility to let manufacturers know that you own the appliance and ensure that they can get in touch directly should they need to.

Registering can also save you money by entitling you to an extended warranty or guarantee period.

  • Never miss out on appliance recalls
  • Be the first to know of any safety repairs or recalls
  • Improve your after sales service
  • Keep in touch with upgrade news

DEMOC Campaign Launch

The referendum for a Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon will be on October 7.

The DEMOC Campaign Launch will be on Zoom on 12 May at 8pm.
The Zoom call opens at 7.45pm with limits on attendance – so try to connect early.

There will be speakers from Residents’ Associations and from across the political divide.

Please let DEMOC know if you wish to join the meeting by sending an email to:

Changes to Lockdown Measures (Step Two)

As the four tests of easing lockdown continue to be met, the government is continuing to take steps to ease lockdown rules.

Therefore, from 12 April:

  • No indoor mixing of different households will be allowed.
  • Non-essential shops, hairdressers, gyms, nail salons, libraries, and outdoor attractions such as theme parks and zoos will be allowed to reopen.
  • Outdoor hospitality can reopen, including pubs and restaurants – with the rule of six or a larger group from two households.
  • Customers will not have to buy a substantial meal to have an alcoholic drink and there will be no curfew but people will have to be seated when ordering and eating or drinking.
  • Two specified people can visit care home residents.
  • Children can attend indoor children’s activities, including sport.
  • Parent and child groups of up to 15 people (not counting children aged under five) can restart indoors.
  • Self-catering holidays in the UK with your own household will be allowed.

Before proceeding to the next step, the government will examine the data to assess the impact of previous changes.

The four conditions that must be met at each phase of lockdown easing are:

  1. The coronavirus vaccine programme continues to go to plan
  2. Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently reducing the number of people dying with the virus or needing hospital treatment
  3. Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospital admissions
  4. New variants of the virus do not fundamentally change the risk of lifting restrictions


Planning Report – April 2021

To find out the latest news on what is being planned in your local area, check out our latest Planning Report with up-to-date information on Planning Applications including developments in:

  • The Glade
  • Orchard Avenue
  • Orchard Way and Wickham Road.

With information about the Planning London DataHub, a letter to our MP Sarah Jones regarding holding Local Planning Authorities to account and the latest information on the new London Plan 2021.

Also, take a look at the MORA Planning App, which gives you an easy way to track all the current and recent planning applications within the MORA area. It’s simple to use and free for you to access.