Planning London Datahub

The Planning DataHub is a collaborative project between all of the Planning Authorities in London to build a single open data set of development proposals in the planning process to enable monitoring of how our City is changing and develop a shared understanding of the data.

The dataset is owned and contributed to by everyone in the planning and development industry and would not be possible to produce unless all parties contribute towards it.

Whilst the DataHub itself is purely a dataset, we have enabled access to the data in a number of ways to make it useful and usable to everyone. This is an evolving area of work at present so please watch for changes as they happen.

It is a live feed from each boroughs planning departments. This gives a picture of how the city is changing, how planning policies are affecting that change and how that impacts the environment we live in. It is going live with a handy dashboard to help you navigate the data and find out useful information.

Visit the DataHub here: The Planning London Datahub | London City Hall