MORA 2016 AGM Thank you

We had a great turnout for our 92nd AGM last Wednesday at Edenham High School, which was a new venue for us.

Thank you to all our members who attended and contributed to the lively debate at the end on issues that are facing us in Shirley.

We’ve had some great feedback already and really glad you enjoyed the presentation of updates from MORA.

For those of you that missed it, there are some pictures below, and we’ll be publishing more details in our Summer Magazine. Don’t miss it.

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Hi there

Please come along to the MORA 2016 at Edenham High School on Wednesday 13th April 2016 from 7pm.

Invitations have been sent to: Gavin Barwell MP (Croydon Central), Steve O’Connell – GLA Member, Shirley and Ashburton Ward Councillors, the Shirley Safer Neighbourhood Police Team and representatives from the Health Service, Fire Brigade and local businesses plus all local Schools.


London Mayor and Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith both promise to protect our green spaces

Dear Save Shirley residents,

We are committed to keep up the pressure on the decision makers who can influence what’s going on in our area. That includes Boris Johnson and mayoral candidates Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq Khan won’t respond to any of our questions or invitations to come and talk to the people of Shirley. However, Zac has…

Following an invitation to visit the area and see for himself the devastating effect the Croydon Local Plan will have on Shirley, Zac put his money where his mouth is and attended a meeting with Save Shirley campaigners.

Zac’s visit to Shirley was reported in the Croydon Advertiser. If you missed it click here to read the full story.

Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate for London Mayor returned to Croydon for a general meeting this week with residents from across the borough organised by Gavin Barwell MP.

Zac addressed residents for 10 minutes and then opened the floor for questions. During the lively debate, Zac confirmed his promise to the Save Shirley and MORA that if elected in May he will protect London’s green belt.

Boris Johnson #PQT

We recently attended Boris Johnson’s People’s Question Time when it came to Croydon Fairfield Halls on Thursday 3 March 2016.

The all ticket event, held twice a year, gives Londoners the chance to quiz the mayor and London Assembly members on topics including housing, transport and community safety.

Save Shirley attended with Sony Nair, MORA Chairman. He asked Boris and the panel for a response in relation to proposals to intensify Shirley by knocking down residential homes and replacing them with high rise blocks of flats and building new homes on our green spaces:

“I would like to understand the GLAs position on Croydon’s Local Plans for intensification of residential areas that will wreck neighbourhoods and build on green spaces when there is plenty of brownfield sites that are suitable for development.”

In his response, The Mayor of London said although it is a Croydon Council matter he “will very much disagree” with their plans to build on Croydon’s green spaces.

Steve O’Connell, our Assembly Member, chaired the event.

To watch Boris answer Sony’s question, tune in at Save Shirley TV

Or

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Council granting outline planning permission for high-rise block of flats in Orchard Avenue is politically motivated

40 Orchard Avenue, Croydon, CR0 7NA

Demolition of an existing dwelling; erection of a three storey building with basement containing 8 two bedroom flats; formation of associated access and parking

Dear Save Shirley residents

Tell us the intensification of Shirley isn’t politically motivated.

On Thursday night six councillors voted to allow a detached residential home be demolished and in it’s place a high-rise block of flats.

However, we believe the Planning Committee did not judge the application on current planning policies, but on a prejudiced and vindictive rebellion against the Shirley Residents and a further assault on the character of the area.

We believed this is a direct response to the ‘Save Shirley’ campaign and our objection to the proposed Croydon Plan CLP2.

This application was not determined upon the current Planning Policies. It’s out of character with the area and shows a total disregard for the character of the area and surrounding properties in Shirley.

Worryingly, this will now set a precedent for the destruction of Shirley.

All six councillors are Labour. Their details are below. we urge you to email them to demonstrate how disappointed we are that the people in charge of Croydon’s planning applications make their decisions based on political point scoring.

Dear, Cllr [Insert name]

Ref: 15/05247/P

We object to the Planning Committee voting in favour of granting outline planning permission for 40 Orchard Avenue in Shirley.

We believe the Planning Committee did not judge the application on current planning policies, but on a prejudiced and vindictive rebellion against the Shirley Residents and the character of the area.

This application was not determined upon the current planning policies. It’s out of character with the area and shows a total disregard for the surrounding properties in Shirley.

We ask you to reconsider the application based on current planning policies adopted by the Planning Inspectorate.

Kind regards,

The members of the Planning Committee who voted in favour of the outline planning application were:

Cllr Paul Scott (Chairman) (Woodside)

Cllr Maddie Henson (Ashburton) or tweet @MinsuR

Cllr Bernadette Khan (West Thornton)

Cllr Sherwan Chowdhury (Norbury Ward) or tweet @SherwanCroydon

Cllr Jamie Audsley (Bensham Manor) or tweet @JamieAudsley

Cllr Humayun Kabir (Bensham Manor)

Save Shirley is a non-political campaign created by residents and MORA (Monks Orchard Residents’ Association). It’s backed by seven Shirley residents’ associations to oppose this current administrations politically motivated plan to wreck our residential neighbourhood.

Our fight goes on.

We would like to thank MORA member Lianne for speaking against the proposal at the planning meeting. Also to the Shirley residents that filled out the Public Gallery. You made sure our united voice of objection was heard. Thank you for your continued support.

Save Shirley
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SaveShirley – Three-storey block of flats coming our ‘Orchard’ way

It seems Croydon Council is intent on wrecking Shirley and can’t wait to get started on their plans to intensify our area.

Plans have been received to demolish the existing detached house at 40 Orchard Avenue, and in its place build a three-storey block of 8 two-bedroom flats, with the formation of associated access and parking.

What’s worse is it looks like the Council has already made up its mind as the recommendation for this application is to Grant Permission.

The case goes to council next Thursday 17 March. If you live in Orchard Avenue you need to complain. If you live in Shirley and think you’re safe from the onslaught of the developers – Think again.

This application has been reported to the planning committee because MORA (Monks Orchard Residents’ Association) made representations in accordance with the Committee Consideration Criteria and requested committee consideration and objections above the threshold in the Committee Consideration Criteria have been received.

You can view the report and recommendation on the Council’s website by visiting or download the PDF.

We need to stop these developments. If you can make the meeting we need to show our continued support to Save Shirley.

The meeting starts at 6:30pm in The Council Chamber, The Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX or follow us on twitter