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We are a small group of volunteer Shirley residents of a mixed age range but all with the same objectives i.e., to the best of our ability, represent and support the residents of our area in the Shirley North Ward in the London Borough of Croydon when our assistance is needed and endeavour to maintain and protect the area’s local character.

Committee meetings are held once a month for updates and general discussion of ongoing matters but in between we do interact should certain issues arise which require urgent attention and which we may be able to resolve.

We have a good working relationship with our local elected Councillors, who are often called upon to assist or support ongoing matters. 

Certain members of MORA’s committee also attend the Shirley Planning Forum, a collective group of local residents’ associations, where MORA plays an active part. 

Social Media

The MORA social media sites are places where we encourage interaction and discussion between members, residents, affiliates, councillors, friends, in fact anyone interested in MORA. The views and opinions expressed on social media are obviously personal views and perceptions of the individuals concerned and are not necessarily representative or supported by MORA.