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Morden Hall Park – Where Old Methods Of Hay-Making Meet With The Present Day

Read about the interesting way in which Morden Hall Park manages its meadowlands, by using some old-fashioned machinery in modern times.

Wartime Memories – St. John’s Primary School in World War 2

Read our Committee Member’s memories of the bombing of St. John’s Primary School during World War 2

Wartime Memories – Evacuation during World War 2

In the second of our Wartime Memories stories, read about the journey from the terrifying V1 bombs that fell in Shirley to the safety of South Devon

Evacuation – The Sequel

Read the incredible sequel to the Wartime Memories series of stories as more information is uncovered about Yellands through a surprising coincidence of events…

Green Spaces in Monks Orchard – Ashburton Playing Fields

Read about the history of Ashburton Playing Fields and the latest update on the Parklife Development in the first of our three-part series on Green Spaces in Monks Orchard.

Green Spaces in Monks Orchard – Long Lane Wood

Read about the history of Long Lane Wood and the work being done there for the Great North Wood Project in the second of our three-part series on Green Spaces in Monks Orchard.

Green Spaces in Monks Orchard – Parkfields

Read about the history of Parkfields in the final part of our three-part series on Green Spaces in Monks Orchard.

Woodmere Avenue

Read about one local resident’s memories of the history of Woodmere Avenue and find out what infamous crime was linked to the small parade of shops.

Whether the Weather?

The subject of the weather is always topical, regardless of the season. Read a few anecdotes and historical references to take you back in time.

Working Men’s Club

Can you guess where this building is in Shirley and what it has been used for? Read about its history and the struggle to raise funds to build it in the 1880s, and the impact that the new “Focussed Intensification” may have on it today.

History of Chaffinch Brook

You may have read about Chaffinch Brook in some of our Planning Reports, but do you know its history and where it leads?

Lest We Forget

In the year our country commemorated the 75th anniversary of D Day, we remember those lost in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineeers (REME) workshops.

On Location in Shirley and Croydon

Did you know that many films, TV Shows and Commercials have been made in Croydon? We were on location when a commercial was filmed in Shirley.

The Shirley Highwayman

England’s most notorious highwayman terrorised the nation’s travellers and became a legend in his own lifetime. But did you know that he lived and robbed in the area which is now known as Croydon?