Croydon Camera Club – Wratten Lecture 2024 ‘A Photographic Journey with Wildlife’

A Short History

The Wratten Company
The Wratten and Wainwright Company was formed in 1877 by Frederick Wratten and Henry Wainwright, barely 40 years after the birth of photography. The company opened a factory in Croydon in 1890 to manufacture and sell photographic supplies. Wratten had invented a new ‘dry’ plate method of producing photographs that was 15 times quicker than the old ‘wet’ plate method.

In 1906, Wratten, incorporated the company with his son and Kenneth Mees as owners.The company continued to innovate, eventually producing the world famous Wratten filters, which are still produced today by Kodak. The company was eventually taken over by Kodak in 1912 with Mees moving to New York to found Eastman Kodak Laboratories. Both Wratten and Mees had a long association with Croydon Camera Club.

The Wratten Lecture
The Wratten Lecture was instigated to commemorate Croydon and Croydon Camera Club’s long and illustrious association with the photographic industry and the contribution they made to the history of photography.

First held in the 1980s, The Wratten Lecture is given approximately every 2 years attracting well known photographers and commentators covering all aspects of photography.

Meeting details
Croydon Camera Club will be holding its flagship event, The Wratten Lecture, on Wednesday 17th April at Shirley Methodist Church.

The lecture celebrates the Club’s 135 year history and recognises the connection that the club had with the world famous Wratten filter company. The filters are still available today through Kodak, another firm with close ties to Croydon.”

Planning Report – April 2024

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Voter ID Required to Vote at May 2 Elections

The Mayor of London and Greater London Assembly elections (GLA) will be held on 2 May 2024.

A photo ID is now required to vote in polling stations. Anyone who does not show a valid form of photo ID will not be able to vote.

What documents can you use as photo ID?

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What if I don’t have photo ID?

You can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate, if:

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Take action now!

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