Shirley North Safer Neighbourhood Team Update – July 2022

Here is the weekly update for crimes that have occurred in Shirley North during July 2022.

In case of an emergency, please do not hesitate to call 999. Let’s try and be vigilant and lookout for each other.

Please report anything you believe to be suspicious.

Recent Crimes

Location Classification Date & Time
Red Oak Close Drugs
Suspect was walking with a joint in his hand. When a police officer asked him to stop the suspect ran off. The officer managed to catch up with the suspect. The suspect was then detained and searched. The suspect admitted to throwing the joint away. Officers walked the suspect back in the direction of where the suspect gave chase from. A man bag was then found, containing a bag of cannabis.
Sunken Road Drugs
Officers out on mobile patrol noticed 2 males walking away and one appeared to drop something. Police managed to catch up with the suspects. The male who dropped something was stopped and searched. In the suspect’s man bag was 3 medium sized bags containing cannabis. And also a small bag of white powder believed to be cocaine which later was tested and confirmed that it was.
Shirley Hills Drugs
Officers were out on patrol when four males walked passed and smelt of a strong smell of cannabis. When police asked if anyone had any drugs one male admitted to having cannabis. The suspect was searched and found with a small bag of cannabis. Due to the suspect being under 18, officers drove the suspect back to his house to discuss the matter with his parents.
Shirley Way Drugs
A vehicle was stopped due to a strong smell of cannabis coming from it. Suspect got out the vehicle and admitted the smell was coming from the vehicle. The suspect was then searched along with the vehicle. A small amount of cannabis was found in the vehicle.
Shirley Church Road Criminal Damage
Victim had a window smashed to the vehicle while at work.
07:00 – 13:15
Shirley Hills Road Drugs
While out on patrol officers could smell what they thought was cannabis coming from a vehicle parked up. Officers proceeded to search
the male and the vehicle. A half smoked joint containing cannabis was found inside the vehicle.
Bridle Road Theft of Motor Vehicle
The victim had his vehicle stolen early hours of the morning. The vehicle was stolen using a keyless device.
00:45 – 06:30
West Way Theft from Motor Vehicle
Victim has had personal belongings stolen from his Vehicle. No damage was made to the vehicle, access was gained by the window being open a small amount. (It’s vital that when leaving vehicles unattended that you close and lock the vehicle up.)

Local SNT team have been busy doing weapon sweeps, these are some of our findings:

A stolen car retrieved by the SNT team:


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