Shirley North Safer Neighbourhood Team Update – May 2022

Here is the weekly update for crimes that have occurred during May 2022.

Unfortunately we’ve had a couple of robberies on the local Tram lines. It is believed four suspects are involved, two have been caught. Please be vigilant when using mobile phones.

In case of an emergency, please do not hesitate to call 999. Let’s try and be vigilant and lookout for each other.

Please report anything you believe to be suspicious.

Recent Crimes


Location Classification Date & Time
Spring Park Avenue Theft from Motor Vehicle
Unknown suspect has stolen the victim’s Catalytic convertor
Sandpits Road Dangerous Dogs
The victim was out walking her dog. 5 dogs not on leads attacked the victim’s dog causing 2 puncture wounds. The victim has then sustained bruises from picking the dog up and the other dogs jumping up.
(I can’t stress the importance of putting a dog on a lead in a public place.)
12:00 – 13:00
Laurel Crescent Drugs & Weapons
Officers noticed a known gang member on the Shrublands. As officers approached he shouted to another male who was found hiding behind the garages. Both males were searched, one male was found with a small bag containing white/grey powder. Officers did an area search of the area the male had been hiding. Two small bags of cannabis and a kitchen knife was recovered.
Longhurst Road Attempted Theft of Motor vehicle
Victims heard their van alarm go off and saw suspect trying to open the door. Nothing was taken.
Greenway Theft
The victim had his bicycle stolen by a male dressed all in black wearing a balaclava. When the victim tried to retrieve his bike the suspect lifted his top up to show he was carrying a knife. The suspect then made off in the direction of new Addington.
Wickham Road Shoplifting
A basket full of meat and fish was stolen.
Long Lane Drugs
A group of people was stopped in a vehicle, one was wanted for drug related offences. All individuals was searched and Cannabis was
Shirley Church Road Drugs
Officers were on routine patrol when they spotted a vehicle going in the opposite direction, the driver appeared to be avoiding eye contact. Officers pulled over the vehicle and conducted a stop and search. A small wrap of suspected cocaine was found in the driver’s door handle.
Shirley Hills Drugs
Officers on mobile patrol checked Shirley Hills car park for any suspicious activity. Officers smelt what they thought was cannabis coming from a vehicle parked up. Officers engaged with the driver and due to the smell conducted a stop and search. During the search a bag containing cannabis was found in the glove department.
Burrell Close Cyber Fraud
Victim have been defrauded out of £39,000 after reviving a text that seemed real. Victim called the number that was on the message and gave
their bank details.
Coombe Lane Theft
The victim was travelling on the tram when a suspect in a black balaclava approached him. The suspect told the victim to get off the tram, the victim stayed on the tram. The suspect then took the victims scooter and got off the tram, possibly thinking the victim would follow. The victim stayed on the tram and reported it to the police when he arrived home.
Shirley Hills Drugs
Officers were on a routine patrol of the Shirley hills car park when they came across a strong smell of cannabis coming from a vehicle. Officers engaged with the pair and both admitted to smoking cannabis. Upon a search of the car, a joint of cannabis and a grinder containing a small amount of cannabis was found.
Ashburton Playing Fields Dog
Victim was walking her dog when a Lurcher came to play with the dog. Both dogs starting running together and the Lurcher unfortunately knocks over the victim causing them to fracture their femur.
Shirley Church Road Attempted Robbery
Victim was walking down the road when a suspect on a motorbike stopped and punched the victim in the chest and tried to grab her phone out of her hand, due to being unsuccessful the rider made off at high speed.
Farm Drive Weapon
Officers were out training the police dogs when they found a black handled kitchen knife shoved into the turf next to the path.
Verdayne Avenue Theft from Motor Vehicle
Tools was stolen from victim’s unlocked van. Suspects were two males who got away in a black Ford SUV.
Annesley Drive Burglary
Unknown suspects broke into the victim’s garage by drilling the padlock. Valuables were taken, such as tools.
01:00 – 09:00
Lorne Avenue Theft of Motor Vehicle
Victim has pulled in to get something from their boot. Male suspect has jumped into the car and drove off.
Shirley Road Theft
Black BMW drove off from the petrol station without paying for fuel.
Bridle Road Theft
The victim was travelling along Bridle Road on
his moped when suddenly the victim was rammed from behind by a motorcycle resulting in the victim falling off. The suspects then stole the bike and the victim’s phone which was attached to the vehicle. The suspects were IC1
and IC3 males.
Shirley Way Burglary
While the victim was away for the weekend, the
suspect has broken into the garage and stolen valuables such as power tools.
03:15 – 03:28
The Vale Theft from Motor Vehicle
Unknown suspect has stolen both number plates from the vehicle.
09:30 – 16:30
Devonshire Way Theft from Motor Vehicle
The victim’s Van was broken into and valuables were taken.
Laurel Crescent Theft
The victim has had a pedal bike stolen from the
communal area.
Shirley Church Road Drugs
While out on patrol officers could smell cannabis coming from the suspect’s vehicle. Following a stop and search, cannabis was found in the suspects’ pocket, also a bag in the passenger side and a joint was found on the driver’s side.


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