Croydon Local Plan (CLP2) for Shirley will have a devastating effect on where we live. The proposals and what is finally agreed will shape the way Shirley develops over the next 20 years.

We will lose greenbelt and have our open spaces either built on or designated for use as traveller sites. As well as intensification of development, which will change the character of our residential areas.

This is unacceptable as it will completely change the character of Shirley and we urge you to object to it very strongly.

These plans will be harmful in a number of ways and this is only the start, so even if you are not directly affected just yet, YOU WILL. If Croydon Council get these plans through it will give them free reign to build on every green space.

Thank you for your support
Dave Greenwood

Key points affecting Shirley

  • 700 new homes to be built in Shirley Oaks Village with no provision for extra facilities like schools, doctors or parking etc.
  • 2 permanent traveller/gypsy sites
  • Semi detached houses in Wickham Avenue, Ridgemount Avenue, Peregrine Gardens, West Way Gardens, the northern section of Hartland Way and the western parts of Bennetts Way and Devonshire to be replaced by medium-rise blocks of flats with no amenity area and no parking spaces
  • Changing the designation of the area around and including the Green Triangle behind Valley Walk, Shirley Road and Shirley Avenue.
  • Allowing Back Garden Developments