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Planning Complaints




197 Shirley Road – Ref: 19/00229/FUL
Erection of two storey detached (one-bedroom) dwelling. Lower Ground floor (Basements) – Back garden development.

This location is designated “Focussed Intensification.”
Basement in area subject to surface water flooding, has no natural light (no light-well), no parking arrangements and does not meet London Plan Policies on local character or Croydon Plan DM10 Local Character.

MORA Objection sent: 17th Feb 2019
Consultation Closed: 21st Feb 2019
Target Decision: 15th Mar 2019
• Total Consulted: 9
• Objections: 5
• Supporting: 0

Further developments are in the March Planning Report. 

2 Round Grove – Ref: 19/00219/FUL
Land Adjacent to Rosecroft Round Grove Croydon CR0 7PP
Proposal: Demolition of Sub Station and erection of a two-bedroom two storey dwelling with associated amenity space, car parking, refuse storage and cycle storage.

We objected to this proposed development on grounds that the Residential Density is inappropriate and is non-compliant to the current adopted London Plan Policy 3.4. We objected to this proposed development on the grounds that the proposed dwelling does NOT meet the required minimum space standards and therefore does not fully comply with the London Plan Policy 3.5.

We objected to this proposed development on the grounds that it is not compliant to the Croydon Plan at Policy 10.7 a), is non-compliant to Croydon Plan Policy DM10.7 d) and is non-compliant to Croydon Plan Policy 10 Design & Character Policy 10.9 a). We also objected on grounds that the Refuse & Recycling provision does not meet the requirements of the Croydon Plan Policy DM13: Refuse and recycling.

We also objected to this proposed development on the ground that the parking provision is inadequate and is therefore non-compliant to Croydon Plan Policy DM30: Car and cycle parking in new development. The proposed development does not comply with the Policies of the Shirley “Place” Homes para 11.200 as it does not respect existing residential character and local distinctiveness and Shirley “Place” Character, Heritage and Design para 11.201 as it is NOT sensitive to the existing residential character.
MORA Objection sent: 11th Feb 2019
Consultation Closed: 23rd Feb 2019
Target Decision: 27th Mar 2019
• Total Consulted: 6
• Objections: 7
• Supporting: 0

Further developments are in the March Planning Report.


9a Orchard Rise – Ref: 18/06070/FUL
Demolition of the existing house and office and erection of a two-storey apartment block comprising 4 two-bedroom apartments and 5 three-storey three- bedroom houses, together with associated access and parking.

We objected on grounds of non-compliance with Policy DM25 a) as surface run-off is not adequately managed at the source as required by the policy.

We also objected on grounds of it being inappropriate for the location and Non-Compliant to London Plan Policy 3.5 which requires a presumption against back garden development. London Plan Table 3.3 Minimum Space Standards for new dwellings, storage space; London Plan Policy 7.4 Local Character; Croydon Local Plan Policy DM10 – Design and Character at Policy DM10.1, DM10.2, DM10.5 and DM10.8. Also, on non-compliant to Croydon Local Plan Policies DM13 – Refuse & Recycling at DM13.1 & DM13.2; Policy DM23 – Development and Construction; DM25 – Sustainable Drainage Systems and Reducing Flood Risk and DM27 – Protecting and enhancing our biodiversity. The proposed development has inadequate Fire Precautions as Fire Tenders could not gain access to the site. The proposal Lacks an Ecological and Wildlife Assessment Survey.

MORA Objection sent: 10th Jan 2019
MORA Objection addendum sent: 25th Jan 2019
Consultation Closed: 30th Jan 2019
• Total Consulted: 59
• Objections: 42
• Supporting: 0
Councillor referrals: Councillor Sue Bennett & Councillor Richard Chatterjee
Case Officer Report recommends: Grant Approval
Planning Committee Slot: 21st Mar 2019

Further developments are in the March 2019 Planning Report.

Old Lion Works 141B Wickham Road – Ref: 18/06024/FUL
Demolition of existing buildings and erection of part 1 storey part 2 storey building containing office accommodation at ground floor and 1 x 2 bed residential apartment at first floor.

Previous application Refused: Ref 17/01063/FUL

Reason(s) for Refusal: The proposal has not adequately demonstrated that it would not have a detrimental impact on highway safety, potentially creating a hazard to pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The proposal would therefore conflict with Policy UD12 of the Croydon Replacement Unitary Development Plan (The Croydon Plan) 2006 Saved Policies 2013, SP8 of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies 2013 and Policy 6.12 and 6.13 of the London Plan (consolidated with alterations since 2011).

Consultation Closed: 26th Jan 2019
Target Decision: 7th Feb 2019
• Total Consulted: 18
• Objections: 3
• Supporting: 0
Permission Granted: 7th Feb 2019

Planning Complaints

20-22 The Glade – Ref: 18/05928/FUL
Erection of 2 x three bed semi-detached dwellings with associated access and parking. Formation of parking areas for 20 & 22 The Glade.

We Objected to this development proposal on the grounds of being non-compliant to the current adopted London Plan Policy 3.4 Optimising housing potential, with respect to Residential Density at PTAL 1a and being non-compliant to the Croydon Local Plan Policy DM10.4e relating to garden development by NOT meeting the required minimum area of 200m2 and that the policy requirement of a minimal length of 10m throughout the width of the retained garden area of the host property at 22 The Glade.

MORA Objection sent: 4th Jan 2019
Consultation closed: 6th Jan 2019
Target Decision: 1st Feb 2019
• Total Consulted: 18
• Objections: 11
• Supporting: 0
Permission Granted: 1st Feb 2019

MORA Stage 1 Complaint (14th Feb 2019) against approval as Non-Compliant on Residential Densities and Back Garden Development Policies (Case Number: 4893951).

Further developments are in the March 2019 Planning Report.


New Draft London Plan
MORA submitted representation on the draft New London Plan. Search for “Monks Orchard Residents’ Association”.

MORA contribution to hearing M19 – Housing Supply Targets (Fri 8th Feb)
It should be noted that neither Croydon LPA nor our MP Sarah Jones have made any representations but Chris Philp MP (Croydon South) has made representations for Hearing M19.

MORA contribution to hearing M20 – Small Sites (Wed 13th Feb)

Hearings are webcast if you are interested. The audio recordings can be downloaded when they become available at:

Further developments are in the March 2019 Planning Report.

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