Planning Complaints

Appeals against an approved application cannot be made. But developers can appeal against their rejected ones.

The only method available to overturn an approval decision is by a very expensive Judicial Review which only looks at the process not the policies.

We have therefore recently started to use the council’s complaints procedure to lodge our concerns when applications are approved when blatantly disregarding planning policies.

Full details are in the monthly planning reports. Below is a high level summary.

Address Planning
(Complaint Case Number)
MORA Objection Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 2
(Complaint Ref. Number)
Stage 2
Local Government
Ombudsman (Case ID Number)
37 Woodmere Avenue 19/03064/FUL 24th Jul 2019 17th Oct 2019
Pegasus (18a) Fairhaven Avenue 19/01761/FUL
8th May 2019 21st Jul 2019 12th Aug 2019 19th Aug 2019 15th Oct 2019
32 Woodmere Avenue 19/00783/FUL
14th Mar 2019

28th May 2019 (Amended Drawings)
4th Jul 2019 26th Jul 2019 4th Aug 2019
10th Sep 2019 1st Oct 2019 (19 011 300)
9a Orchard Rise 18/06070/FUL
10th Jan 2019

25th Jan 2019 (Addendum)
28th Mar 2019 24th Apr 2019 1st May 2019 23rd May 2019 4th Jun   2019
(19 000 3809)
16th Jul 2019

22nd Jul 2019 (MORA Response)
20-22 The Glade 18/05928/FUL
4th Jan 2019 14th Feb 2019 5th Mar 2019 14th Mar 2019 9th Apr 2019 14th Apr 2019
(19 000 971)
24th May 2019

2nd Jun 2019 (MORA Response)

3rd Jun 2019           (LGO Response)