MHA Communities – Befriending Service

Our telephone, online and face-to-face befriending services for older people across Croydon, helps tackle feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Befriending is exactly what it sounds like – getting people together to make friends. Register your interest with us to receive a call back from our MHA Communities South London Manager about the support and companionship our volunteer befrienders can provide.

We are currently able to offer telephone befriending in all areas of mainland UK. Face-to-face befriending can be available in areas in South London. Many older people living in their own homes can become isolated and lonely, but with a regular weekly visit or telephone call, MHA Communities South London can help prevent this from happening.

Our trained volunteer befrienders are matched with MHA Communities members based on their interests and personalities.

Help a lonely older person!
Join our service as a volunteer befriender. 1 weekly hour of your time can change someone’s life! Contact our team to become a volunteer befriender.

MHA Communities South London at the Wilderness, 17 Shirley Church Road, Croydon CR9 5AL
Phone: 07597135220Email:

Back to School Advice Issued Amid High Levels of Flu, COVID-19 and Scarlet Fever

As pupils and students return to school following the Christmas break, UK Health Security Agency is reminding people that winter illnesses continue to circulate at high levels.

Following simple steps can help protect children, minimise the spread of illness in education and childcare settings and protect wider communities.

Flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) are currently circulating at high levels and are likely to continue to increase in coming weeks. High numbers of scarlet fever, which is caused by group A streptococcus, also continue to be reported.

It’s important to minimise the spread of infection in schools and other education and childcare settings as much as possible. If your child is unwell and has a fever, they should stay home from school or nursery until they feel better and the fever has resolved.

Helping children to learn about the importance of good hand hygiene is also key, so practice regular handwashing at home with soap and warm water. Catching coughs and sneezes in tissues then binning them is another simple way to help stop illness from spreading.

Adults should also try to stay home when unwell and if you do have to go out, wear a face covering. When unwell don’t visit healthcare settings or visit vulnerable people unless urgent.

Remember that flu vaccination is still available for all eligible groups and is the best protection against the virus. We have seen good uptake in older age groups but vaccination among young children remains low. Flu can be very unpleasant and in some cases can lead to more serious illness. Getting your child vaccinated protects them and others they come into contact with, and it’s still not too late.

Eligible children include:

  • those aged 2 and 3 on 31 August 2022
  • all primary school-aged children
  • some secondary school-aged children

You can get more information getting your child vaccinated against flu on NHS.UK.

Click here for more information.

MHA Communities – Warm Wednesdays in December

We started a new service at West Croydon Methodist Church to bring a new initiative in the heart of Croydon.

During this challenging time of the year, it is important to broaden up our support to older people and to offer a safe space for conversation. We also invite local organisations to join us. In fact, Croydon Community Energy will join our December sessions to advice older people on bills and the current challenges we are all facing.

In January, we will be joined by Croydon Healthy Homes partnership, an energy advice service to advise people on bills.

We have planned a great surprise for the December sessions with music and lots of food. Come and celebrate Christmas with us and connect with new and old friends.