The Spring Park Shirley Bowling Club

The Spring Park Shirley Bowling Club at Shirley Church Recreation Ground is planning for the 2024 season and the future!

If one of your goals for 2024 is to be more active here is something for you to seriously think about …. Signing up to try Lawn Bowls at Spring Park Shirley Bowling Club.

But that’s for old people!!” I hear you cry. And I’d reply “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

This humble game, played May – Sept, is very capable of having a positive effect on your co-ordination, core strength and flexibility as well as your mental wellbeing.

Bowls is a sport for everybody – it takes seconds to learn, but a lifetime to master – as shown in…

“Day 1 – Visited the Spring Park Shirley Bowls Club today with my husband for a taster session. We were welcomed, assigned a coach each and after some basic coaching my bowl was stopping relatively near the Jack (the small white target). We stopped for tea and the other members came to chat with us. Just when I thought it was over a challenge was issued – I was to play against my husband. My bowls were nearer the Jack than when I started, but nowhere near in comparison to my husbands! He seemed to step forward and release the bowl like a swan nudging it’s offspring ahead in the water, the bowl glided across the green and came to rest much nearer the Jack than mine. There was much banter over dinner. This game is not as easy as it first appears.”

“1 Month in – Visiting a couple of times a week over the last month and receiving more coaching, my husband and I are hooked. My husband is now settled into his bowling stride. He makes the delivery of his bowl look effortless whilst my bowls continue to visit all areas of the rink I am playing on as well as those I am not. Despite the challenges, my teammates laugh with me and continue to offer never ending support. This game is addictive and so enjoyable, why did I not take it up earlier? Oh yes, I remember now, I thought it was just for old people – how wrong I was!”

“April 2023 (1 year later) – We’ve decided to enter a number of club competitions this year and are excited to challenge ourselves against some of the club’s top players. We’re also looking forward to joining some of the away days, visiting some coastal bowls clubs (Herne Bay and Eastbourne) and pitching our wits against their teams.”

Visit to find out more about us and our programme of taster sessions starting on Sunday 5th May 2024!