Future 20mph Speed Limit on West Wickham High Street (A232)

Transport for London plan to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on A232 between Station Road and Monks Orchard Road, as part of their commitment to eliminating all fatal and serious injury collisions on London’s roads by 2041.

In 2018, TfL in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) launched the Vision Zero Action Plan. This details our programmes to reduce road danger across the roads we manage and operate across London, including plans to reduce the speed limit by 10mph on more than 140km of Transport for London Road Network (TLRN).

In March 2020, we reduced the speed limit of all of the TLRN within the Central London Congestion Charging Zone. We are now progressing with Phase 2 of the programme, which includes this section of the A232.

The speed at which people are driving or riding is the most important factor in both the likelihood of a collision occurring and of the severity of the outcome.  The benefits of lower speed limits are wide ranging:

  • Reduced severity of collisions
  • Reduced frequency of collisions
  • Increased cycling and walking confidence

Slower speeds save lives, particularly where the road is shared with people walking, cycling or riding a motorbike. As more and more people are choosing to walk and cycle around London, we must reduce the risk of them being killed or seriously injured. Lowering traffic speeds can also make our streets less polluted and safer places to walk and cycle.

Work is planned to start by May 2023 and will involve installing new signs and road markings as well as temporary lamp column mounted banners.

Click here if you wish to comment on the planned 20mph speed limit, where you can also find out more information about the Lower Speed Limits programme and our plans for other locations across London.

If you have other questions, you can also contact us at: LocalCommunitiesandPartnerships@tfl.gov.uk

Elstan Way Highway Maintenance Resurfacing – 5th & 6th Oct 2022

FMCONWAY, on behalf of Croydon Council, will shortly be commencing resurfacing at the location/s and date/s below:

Date: 5TH & 6TH October 2022 between 08:00-17:00
Location: Elstan Way

To enable the Contractor to undertake the works, on-street parking will be suspended during works hours. We also kindly ask that with forward planning vehicular access to and from properties adjacent to the road are reduced to a minimum during the works hours. Pedestrian access will not be affected.

Advance driver / resident information boards will be in place before the works commence, advising of the precise dates and times of the Traffic Management.

Please however note that unforeseen circumstances (e.g. inclement weather conditions) may necessitate a change to the scheduled dates and information on road signs will be changed accordingly. Please check the road signs regularly for any updates

The resurfacing works will take place between: Woodmere Avenue and The Glade.

Due to the nature of these works it is inevitable that some disruption will occur. For this reason, it is recommended that where possible you use alternative routes or allow extra time to complete your journey.

The on-street parking suspensions that will be in place within the works area are 07:30-17:00 on 4th to 6th October 2022.

No parking for residents on the highway in the areas covered by the enforcement signs.

Please note that penalty charge notices (PCN’s) will be applied to vehicles parked within the suspended areas during the works hours and/or vehicles relocated.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause residents; however, we want to ensure that all works carried out on the Croydon network are to the highest standards to ensure value for our residents.

Trading Standards Bulletin – Spot the Signs of Holiday Fraud

In May 2022, Action Fraud launched a national awareness campaign to urge the public to think twice before handing over money and personal information when booking holidays.

As travel restrictions became more relaxed, Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime is warning the public to remain vigilant against holiday fraud when booking flights and accommodation online.

In the financial year of 2021/22, Action Fraud received 4,244 reports of holiday and travel related fraud – a substantial increase of over 120% when compared to the previous year.

Victims reported losing a total of £7,388,353 – an average loss of £1,868 per victim.

Whilst many accommodation providers who make use of online booking platforms are legitimate, some criminals will use these platforms to defraud victims by advertising counterfeit accommodation.

Over 7% of victims reported falling victim to suspects impersonating legitimate travel companies, including clone comparison sites, airline websites and holiday accommodation websites.

In some cases, victims have searched for flight tickets online and have found a website they believed to be the company’s genuine website. In other cases, victims reported responding to an approach or advertisement on social media or using what they believed to be legitimate flight comparison websites to search for flights.

The fraudster may completely end contact after receiving payment or provide the victim with fake booking information.

Sadly, some victims have only become aware that they have been the victim of fraud when they arrive at the airport and are unable to check-in.

Top tips to avoid falling victim to holiday fraud

Stay safe online – check the website address is legitimate and has not been altered by slight changes to a domain name – such as going from .co.uk to .org.uk

Do your research: don’t just rely on one review – do a thorough online search to ensure the company is credible. If a company is defrauding people, there is a good chance that consumers will post details of their experiences, and warnings about the company.

Look for the logo: check whether the company is an ABTA Member. Look for the ABTA logo on the company’s website at https://www.abta.com/abta-member-search. If you have any doubts, you can verify membership of ABTA online on their If you’re booking a flight and want more information about ATOL protection, or would like to check whether a company is an ATOL holder, visit the CAA website at https://www.caa.co.uk/atol-protection/consumers/checking-for-atol-protection/.

Pay safe: wherever possible, pay by credit card and be wary about paying directly into a private individual’s bank account.

Check the paperwork: you should study receipts, invoices and terms and conditions, and be very wary of any companies that don’t provide any at all. When booking through a Holiday Club or Timeshare, get the contract thoroughly vetted by a solicitor before signing up.

Use your instincts: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Get free expert advice: for further advice on how to stay safe when booking or researching travel online, go to Get Safe Online.

For a full list of tips to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, please visit https://www.abta.com/tips-and-advice/planning-and-booking-a-holiday/how-avoid-travel-related-fraud.

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, contact your bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud online at actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Flight Compensation

Flight delays and cancellations have been in the news recently for the past couple of years and have recently increased due to the return of people travelling post-covid and the airports and airlines seemingly being ill-prepared.

There are rules and laws in place to protect consumers and Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert has put together a comprehensive guide as to what you are entitled to if you experience delays or cancellations.

Please visit his website www.moneysavingexpert.com or use the link below to read his recent article following the highly publicised issues faced by consumers in recent weeks: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2022/05/easyjet-british-airways-cancellations-compensation/.

Road Closure – Shirley Church Road 3-5 August

Croydon’s Highways team together with its principal contractor FM Conway, will shortly be commencing resurfacing works on Shirley Church Road.

These works are scheduled to commence on 3rd August 2022 – 5th August 2022 and are due to be carried out between 08.00 – 17:00. Traffic management will consist of a road closure.

Gully cleaning will take place on 6th August 2022 with parking suspension only.

Due to the location and nature of these works, some disruption will inevitably occur.

If you need vehicular access during the above period it may be advisable to find an alternative route and allow additional time for your journey.

Croydon’s Highways team wishes to apologize in advance and welcomes your co-operation to ensure the work is executed safely and efficiently.

Every effort will be made to minimise the inconvenience that may be caused during the works.

Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Expansion Consultation

Transport for London are consulting on proposals to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) London-wide on 29 August 2023. We want to hear your views on our proposals. These proposals are part of the commitment by the Mayor of London and TfL to help improve air quality and public health, tackle the climate emergency and reduce traffic congestion across Greater London.

See the consultation brochure for more details.

These are our proposals for the London-wide expansion of the ULEZ from 29 August 2023. The new boundary would cover almost all (96 per cent) of Greater London, up to the existing Low Emission Zone (LEZ) boundary.

Details of the proposals:

  • It would cost £12.50 per day to drive anywhere within the London-wide ULEZ area for drivers of non-compliant vehicles. Check whether your vehicle is already ULEZ standards compliant using the ULEZ vehicle checker.
  • It would operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year, excluding Christmas Day.
  • We would remove the £10 annual per vehicle registration fee for Auto Pay for the ULEZ, LEZ and Congestion Charge from 30 January 2023. It would then be free to register for Auto Pay. You would still have to pay the ULEZ charge if your vehicle is not compliant. (Auto Pay is a mechanism for automatic payment of the ULEZ, LEZ or Congestion Charge that ensures that drivers will not receive a Penalty Charge Notice)
  • The penalty for non-payment for ULEZ and Congestion Charge would increase from £160 to £180 from 30 January 2023. If paid within 14 days, the amount would reduce by half.

Transport for London would like your views on the proposals to expand the ULEZ London-wide from 29 August 2023, removal of the annual Auto Pay vehicle registration fee, increases in the penalty charge notice levels for non-payment of the daily ULEZ charge and the Congestion Charge, changes to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) and your thoughts on how we shape the future of road user charging.

TfL would also welcome your views on minor operational changes we propose making to the Congestion Charge and ULEZ schemes.

You can do this by completing the online survey. You will need to register with our Have your say platform to take part in the online survey. Your details will be kept secure . The consultation will close on 29 July 2022 at 23:59.

If you prefer not to complete the survey, then please submit your response to us in writing to cleanairyourview@tfl.gov.uk or FREEPOST TFL HAVE YOUR SAY (no stamp required). You can also phone this number 0343 222 1155 to leave your feedback or ask a question about our proposals.