Trees in Shirley & Ashburton

Dear Cllr Chatterjee

Thank you for your enquiry.

For your information our arboricultural contractor is continuing with the ward inspection and works cycle that had to be delayed in the last financial year due to budget constraints. I can confirm that this work is solely for management purposes of the council tree stock.As with all tree owners the council has a duty of care to ensure that the tree stock is in a reasonable condition. It is council policy, as set by the councillors, not to remove healthy street trees. The only exception to this is when a tree is implicated in an insurance claim and the liabilities of keeping the tree are outweighed by the cost of repairs. Unless there is a technical reason not too, we endeavour to replant with a smaller species of tree that is less likely to be implicated in a repeated claim. Trees are removed if they are dead, dying or dangerous and the defects are beyond remedial pruning works. Due to financial constraints we do not prune trees for non-duty bound issues such as loss of light or loss of TV / satellite signal for example. All work carried out is based on arboricultural considerations in line with our legal responsibilities and any work carried out that benefits non-duty bound issues is an incidental benefit.

Amongst many other issues the Tree & Woodland section spends a significant amount of time dealing with and turning down requests for tree removal or inappropriate pruning to council owned trees. I note the residents’ concerns about the loss of trees, it is an issue that we are acutely aware of across the borough. Trees do have a finite life and a street tree does have a particularly tough environment in which it is expected to flourish. The tree stock is a defining character of this borough, however we do not have funds specifically allocated for tree planting. We do try to set aside funds from within current limited resources of the tree maintenance budget to plant approximately 500 trees per planting season which runs from November through to March. Regrettably this last financial year we had to plant less trees than our normal target due to budget cut backs. As tree planting is not a duty of care requirement it is unfortunately one of the first areas to suffer when cost savings are required. We do have a list of planting sites that we wish to restock and rest assure the areas you have highlighted will be added to the list, however it operates on a first come first serve basis and usually demand out strips the available resources so it may well take time for restocking to take effect. We would like to be in a position to replace like for like in the following planting season and ideally plant additional trees in suitable locations across the borough to maintain and even enhance the tree covered character, however in the current financial climate this is highly unlikely.


James Canneaux

Tree & Woodlands Officer

Place Department

Croydon Council

1st Floor

Public Realm Offices

Stubbs Mead Depot

Factory Lane


Tel: 020 8726 6000

London Mayor and Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith both promise to protect our green spaces

Dear Save Shirley residents,

We are committed to keep up the pressure on the decision makers who can influence what’s going on in our area. That includes Boris Johnson and mayoral candidates Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq Khan won’t respond to any of our questions or invitations to come and talk to the people of Shirley. However, Zac has…

Following an invitation to visit the area and see for himself the devastating effect the Croydon Local Plan will have on Shirley, Zac put his money where his mouth is and attended a meeting with Save Shirley campaigners.

Zac’s visit to Shirley was reported in the Croydon Advertiser. If you missed it click here to read the full story.

Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate for London Mayor returned to Croydon for a general meeting this week with residents from across the borough organised by Gavin Barwell MP.

Zac addressed residents for 10 minutes and then opened the floor for questions. During the lively debate, Zac confirmed his promise to the Save Shirley and MORA that if elected in May he will protect London’s green belt.

Boris Johnson #PQT

We recently attended Boris Johnson’s People’s Question Time when it came to Croydon Fairfield Halls on Thursday 3 March 2016.

The all ticket event, held twice a year, gives Londoners the chance to quiz the mayor and London Assembly members on topics including housing, transport and community safety.

Save Shirley attended with Sony Nair, MORA Chairman. He asked Boris and the panel for a response in relation to proposals to intensify Shirley by knocking down residential homes and replacing them with high rise blocks of flats and building new homes on our green spaces:

“I would like to understand the GLAs position on Croydon’s Local Plans for intensification of residential areas that will wreck neighbourhoods and build on green spaces when there is plenty of brownfield sites that are suitable for development.”

In his response, The Mayor of London said although it is a Croydon Council matter he “will very much disagree” with their plans to build on Croydon’s green spaces.

Steve O’Connell, our Assembly Member, chaired the event.

To watch Boris answer Sony’s question, tune in at Save Shirley TV

Or

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Alert from Spring Park Neighbourhood Watch

A local resident recently received a ‘phone call from someone with a foreign accent claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). They asked the resident to confirm their name and then said they could block all nuisance calls but that the resident’s Visa card had expired.

The TPS is a free service and clearly the call was leading up to obtaining the resident’s card details. The resident however curtailed the call and reported it to the relevant authorities.

This would appear to be another ‘take’ on telephone scams. Don’t be fooled

Save Shirley

We’ve been asked by local residents how they can get a copy of the Save Shirley posters we created for the council meeting and library photo shoot to display in their windows.

We’d love to be able to print and deliver a poster to everyone who lives in Shirley, but that just isn’t possible. So, we have attached some posters here for you to download, print and display with pride.


For all the latest news make sure you check out the website or for information about the campaign delivered direct to your inbox, send us your details at

Thank you for your continued support.

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Shirley residents out in force


Croydon Town Hall was overwhelmed on Monday night with more than 450 Shirley residents to hear the Save Shirley petition of more than 3,600 signatures presented to the council and the debate that followed.

Our intention was to be heard, and we certainly did that. Cllr Tony (concrete) Newman, Leader of the council told the Croydon Advertiser: “I believe residents have legitimate concerns.”

So, thank you to all of you who queued down Katherine Street. The meeting was delayed by 20 minutes as council officials struggled to set up screens and speakers so everyone who had arrived for the meeting could watch the webcast and lively public debate.

And it went downhill from there, with the meeting being suspended by 15 minutes as Croydon CEO, Nathan Elvery and the Mayor left the meeting amidst utter chaos. There blatant bias culminated in the refusal to allow a vote. It’s obvious that there is no such thing as democracy in Croydon Council.

Save Shirley and MORA have called for a public meeting with Cllr Newman on the proposals, but he said he will not agree to this until the outcome of the public consultation on the proposals has been published.

We are not prepared to wait that long. So we’re starting to build momentum and have a few more things up our sleeves, but we still have a long way to go.

So we’d appreciate if you’d email him at urging him to accept our invitation and keep the pressure on.

There will be more articles in the press. Croydon Advertiser has already published a couple of articles online already about the event:

Then on Tuesday morning Save Shirley was invited for a TV interview on the London Live Breakfast Show, our local MP, Gavin Barwell, attended this.

It’s about 4mins in length, but the interview has also been posted online.

If you want to watch the meeting webcast, it’s available on catch-up now:

If you would like to read the speech Dave Greenwood presented you can download a PDF copy here. and follow us on twitter at



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