Shirley North Safer Neighbourhood Team Update

We hope everyone is keeping safe.

Starting on a positive, whist on patrol the last week it has been nice to see so many people out (socially distancing of course) enjoying the snow. A little bit of snow has lifted a lot of spirits during this lockdown!

Catalytic converter thefts have been on the rise throughout Croydon, and Shirley North has been hit a few occasions over the last 2 months. Like burglaries, CCTV and outdoor lights have proven to be helpful as a deterrent, if you don’t have them already it is a good idea to look into these to help protect your homes and cars.

We are receiving reports that work is being offered to the vulnerable that live alone. This work is paid for by the homeowner and the work is not being carried out.

Please be aware of anyone that comes to your door and offers to do work in or outside your home. Always look at ‘check a trade’ to ensure these people are legitimate before accepting or paying for any work on your property.

Reports are being made to us and neighbour team Addiscombe East regarding a male door knocking trying to sell meat or other groceries at a low price. Please be aware of this and not accept any goods that are offered to you! This is becoming a regular thing on our ward so if anyone has any information please don’t be afraid to contact us through our email:

Just a little update on what has been happening elsewhere… Over the last few weeks we have assisted sister team Shirley South to execute a number of warrants around the Shrublands area. These have ended in positive results for class B drugs and weapons.

Stay safe and keep well, and hopefully things will go back to normal soon.

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on the website:

Shirley South Safer Neighbourhood Team – Be Aware of Doorstep Scammers

Please be aware of people knocking on your door offering jet washing and gutter clearing services.

There have been at least 2 incidents on East Way yesterday, whereby 3 white males and 2 younger ones in their late teens and the older one in his 40s or 50s, all with an Irish accent have approached home owners and offered their services for jet washing and gutter clearing.

These males have done the bare minimum, if anything at all. The flyers which they hand out were stolen from a local café. These males state that they can only take cash.

Please BE AWARE. We are giving this information in the hope that no other resident falls victim to these scammers.

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on the website: