Council meeting – We need your support

Tomorrow night (Monday 25 January) at the Council meeting is a BIG opportunity for Shirley Residents to force Croydon’s councillors to rethink their plans.

If we don’t change their minds they will concrete over where we live and replace our houses with 4-storey blocks of flats, build gypsy/traveller sites in the Green Belt, allow housing on our precious green spaces and back gardens and completely change the character of Shirley.

We have a fight on our hands. This is why we need to pack the public gallery with residents and make as much noise as possible.

Meet us outside the Council Chamber at 5.45, Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX. The meeting starts at 6.30.

Thank you

Save Shirley is backed by the following residents’ associations
MORA (Monks Orchard Residents’ Association), Shirley Oaks Village, Spring Park (SPRA), Shrublands, Bishops Walk and Shirley Hills.

Save Shirley – urgent help needed

Dear resident.

Thank you for your overwhelming support.

We received more than 3,500 signatures from all of you who object to Croydon Council’s plans for Shirley and the devastating effect it will have on where we live.

This means we can now take our objections to the council.

BUT before we get there we have a photographer from the Croydon Guardian tomorrow at 12.30 outside the Shirley library. They want to take photos of residents objecting to the plans.

We need to show strength in numbers. So, if you can spare 10 minutes of your time, we’d love to see you there.

Wickham Road


We can also update you as we have written to Nathan Elvery, Croydon Council Chief Executive. He has confirmed we can present our argument against the plans at the Council meeting on 25 January.
We need to pack the public gallery with residents. We are meeting outside at 5.45. The meeting will be held at:

The Council Chamber
The Town Hall
Katharine Street

Smile! We need your support

We have a photographer from the Croydon Guardian coming to Shirley Library tomorrow at 12.30 (Sat 16th Jan), and need as many residents as we can get into the photograph.

Come and lend your support. We’ll meet you outside Shirley library.

We just need a few minutes of their time as it will greatly help the Save Shirley campaign.


Save Shirley – January council meeting

Shirley residents,

We have written to Nathan Elvery, Croydon Council’s Chief executive, requesting we would like to present our online petition and see a debate at the January council meeting on Monday 25 January.

You can contact him yourself directly – and let him know you also want to see it on the agenda for the Council meeting.

We have a long way to go and need to show them we mean business. Can we ask for your support at the Council meeting on Monday 25 January, when we formally present the petition and start a debate on their devastating plans for where we live?

The meeting will be held at the Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX. There is a public gallery and anyone can attend – we need it packed full of MORA residents.

As soon as we hear from the Council we will confirm the time.

It’s not to late to sign the Save Shirley petition and takes just a minute to complete. So, please take the time to raise your objection to the Council’s plans, if you haven’t done so already.

Thank you for your support and we’ll see you on the 25 January.

Important information for cat owners

MORA have received this message from the Shirley Neighborhood Policing Team:

Dear resident,

We would like to make you aware of the rise in incidents where cats are being stolen and mutilated. This first came to our attention a couple of weeks again in the Addiscombe area, and recently there has been an incident in Shirley. We would like to ask you to keep en eye out for a dirty white/grey van acting suspiciously in the area. If you have information please call 101. make a note of the registration of the vehicle, description of the vehicle and descriptions of any occupants of the vehicle.


PC 415 Sam Harding

Shirley Neighborhood Policing Team

020 8721 2469