Extra Buses for School Travel

Transport for London has announced that extra buses will run on many routes from 1st September (until the end of October) to cater for travel by school pupils, whilst still enabling social distancing on-board for other passengers using regular services.

Specially designated buses will be operated in the morning peak (07.30 til 09.30), and will have yellow “School Service” signs in the windscreen. Note that these buses might be in a different livery than usual or may use single-decker buses. Moreover these extra buses might not appear on departure information screens at bus stops and on travel apps.

On these special services it will permitted for all seats to be occupied, so other travellers should avoid using these buses and instead wait for a regular service, where the existing social distancing arrangements will still apply.

Regular services will have red “Non-school service” signs in the windscreen.

School pupils travelling without adults should use the special “School Service” buses rather than crowd onto regular services.

In the Shirley area additional “School Service” journeys will be operated on routes 194, 198 and 466 in the mornings. Meanwhile on routes 119, 130, 356, and 367 overall frequency of the morning service will be increased, but some journeys will be designated as a “School Service”. This means that other passengers may have longer to wait for a non-school bus.

Routes 130 and 367 will also have additional buses in the afternoon school peak (14.30 til 16.30). The existing 689 school bus service to Orchard Park High School (formerly Edenham High School) will have additional buses in both morning and afternoon.

Non-school passengers are asked to avoid travel at school times if possible; those who absolutely need to travel at those times are recommended to allow extra time for their journey.

There is of course the possibility that some pupils who used to travel to school by bus will instead be taken by car, which would increase traffic and delay bus services. However it is hoped that as many pupils as possible will use the extra bus services being provided (at tax-payers expense) or walk or cycle to school, in order to minimise that problem.

Planning Report – September 2020

To find out the latest news on what is being planned in your local area, check out our latest Planning Report with up-to-date information on Planning Applications including developments in:

  • Ash Tree Close
  • The Glade
  • Land to the Rear of Shirley Inn Public House
  • Orchard Avenue
  • Orchard Park High School
  • Potters Close
  • Sandrock Pub
  • Shirley Road
  • Wickham Road and Woodmere Avenue.

With additional updates on our Planning Complaints; information and useful links for the new Government Consultation – Planning for the Future; what to expect from the next stages of the Croydon Plan Review and an update on the Croydon ‘Parklife’ Football Hubs Project.

Also, take a look at the MORA Planning App, which gives you an easy way to track all the current and recent planning applications within the MORA area. It’s simple to use and free for you to access.


A Message from the Shirley North Safer Neighbourhood Team

Life is getting more and more ‘normal’ as people return to work and children soon go back to school so we are back to business as usual.

Here are just a few of the things we have been dealing with since the last update in June…

22nd June – Dealt with an unlicensed music event (UME) which had the potential to get out of hand due to the large number of people in attendance in a park however due to the rapport built with the organiser, the event went smoothly with no issues.

1st July – Assisted our colleagues in the north of the borough with a drugs warrant at a car garage which resulted in a cannabis factory being found along with stolen cars and drugs. Two people were arrested for a number of offences.

14 July – Carried out a drugs warrant at a large residential property. Class A and B drugs were found, two people were dealt with for drug offences.

30th July – We were part of over 150 officers on a large operation in Croydon and Bromley which involved drug and firearm warrants being carried out at a number of addresses. Cannabis factories were found along with other drugs and large amounts of cash. Vehicles were also seized. Four people were arrested and are under investigation for a variety of offences.

7th August – We assisted one of our ‘sister teams’ Broad Green with two drugs warrants after complaints from neighbours abut properties believed to be used as ‘drug dens’. Drugs were found and one person was dealt with for the offence.

8th August – Arrested someone who made threats with a knife during a road rage incident.

13th August – Assisted our ‘sister team’ Shirley South with a drugs warrant on the Shrublands Estate where cannabis was found at the address.

14th August – Stopped a car and found a large amount of cash and drugs inside it. A search of their house found further drugs. The occupant was charged with possession of cannabis.

15th August – Following information about an unlicensed music event arranged to take place at a residential address on our ward, I spoke to the occupant to obtain full details of the planned event which had been circulated on social media creating a risk of ‘gate crashers’ arriving. Following advice from us and the licencing team, the hosts decided against having the party which prevented potential issues arising for them as well as neighbours.

18th August – Assisted with two drug warrants on Shirley South – cannabis was found and one person issued with a cannabis warning.

25th August – Stopped a car which was linked to a group known for drugs and weapons, one of whom had been arrested on the Shrublands Estate the night before after running from police and discarding a large machete. The four occupants of the car were searched. One was found to be in possession of cannabis and was shown as ‘wanted’ for human trafficking offences and he was arrested for the cannabis and human trafficking.

Feel free to make us aware of any issues on our email address which is SNMailbox-.ShirleyNorthSNT@met.police.uk

Please make sure to report crime on 101 or 999 as appropriate rather than reporting to our inbox as it is not monitored 24/7.

You can also report crime online on our website: https://www.met.police.uk/

Planning for the Future Consultation

The Planning for the future consultation proposes reforms of the planning system to streamline and modernise the planning process, bring a new focus to design and sustainability, improve the system of developer contributions to infrastructure, and ensure more land is available for development where it is needed.

This consultation seeks any views on each part of a package of proposals for reform of the planning system in England. The proposals cover plan-making, development management, development contributions, and other related policy proposals.

Views are sought for specific proposals and the wider package of reforms presented.

To view the ‘Planning for the Future’ consultation document click here

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is consulting on changes to planning policy and legislation.

This consultation is open to everyone. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is keen to hear from a wide range of interested parties from across the public and private sectors, as well as from the general public.

You can respond to the consultation online, or via email at: planningforthefuture@communities.gov.uk

This consultation will begin on 06 August 2020 and will close at 23.45 Thursday 29th October 2020.


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