75th Anniversary of VE Day

Seventy-five years ago on 8th May 1945 the country joyously came together and celebrated, long into the night, the end of WW2 in Europe, VE Day. In the days that followed, Union Jacks were hung from windows and street parties abounded. The Union Jack, pictured above, is a survival from that time being the very one which hung from our window on that momentous occasion, joining all the others in Barmouth Road.

No longer was life to be lived between air-raids, governed by listening for the warning siren when you made for the nearest air-raid shelter desperately hoping that you and yours would be safe and that your home would escape any falling bombs and then breathing a sigh of relief at hearing the siren heralding the ‘All Clear’.

This photograph of one such celebration featured in our Autumn magazine 2018, a fancy dress party and competition at Monks Orchard Primary School, where the children proudly showed off their costumes made with whatever their mothers had managed to find and put together in that time of ‘make do and mend’.