Brick by Brick Action – Group Protest on 26th March 2018

We have been asked to share this by Brick by Brick Action:

“A Protest is to be held at the Town Hall, Catherine Street, Croydon Town Centre at 5 for 5.30pm on Monday 26th March 2018. Please all come along and support the local communities who are being torn apart and devastated by the proposed new builds programme. We are protesting against the Planning Department pushing through all BbB’s plans regardless, against the taking of green areas, parking places and children’s play areas. We are asking that they use brown field land and empty offices to turn into housing instead. Also to make all new housing council properties only. Not for sale or unaffordable ‘affordable’ housing but council owned properties that the homeless and overcrowded families can live in.”

Brick by Brick Action

“Brick by Brick Action are a collection of residents, organisations and interested parties that are sick of the actions of Brick by Brick across the London Borough of Croydon.

We are not affiliated to any political party or company, we just want something done about the actions of a Company that is solely owned by the Council and is ruining our area with badly planned building schemes that are proposed and approved by a husband and wife team with no regard to the wishes and ideas of those affected.

If you have been affected by Brick by Brick schemes, please feel free to join us, and maybe we can do something about it.”

Brick by Brick Action
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