Elstan Way Highway Maintenance Resurfacing – 5th & 6th Oct 2022

FMCONWAY, on behalf of Croydon Council, will shortly be commencing resurfacing at the location/s and date/s below:

Date: 5TH & 6TH October 2022 between 08:00-17:00
Location: Elstan Way

To enable the Contractor to undertake the works, on-street parking will be suspended during works hours. We also kindly ask that with forward planning vehicular access to and from properties adjacent to the road are reduced to a minimum during the works hours. Pedestrian access will not be affected.

Advance driver / resident information boards will be in place before the works commence, advising of the precise dates and times of the Traffic Management.

Please however note that unforeseen circumstances (e.g. inclement weather conditions) may necessitate a change to the scheduled dates and information on road signs will be changed accordingly. Please check the road signs regularly for any updates

The resurfacing works will take place between: Woodmere Avenue and The Glade.

Due to the nature of these works it is inevitable that some disruption will occur. For this reason, it is recommended that where possible you use alternative routes or allow extra time to complete your journey.

The on-street parking suspensions that will be in place within the works area are 07:30-17:00 on 4th to 6th October 2022.

No parking for residents on the highway in the areas covered by the enforcement signs.

Please note that penalty charge notices (PCN’s) will be applied to vehicles parked within the suspended areas during the works hours and/or vehicles relocated.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause residents; however, we want to ensure that all works carried out on the Croydon network are to the highest standards to ensure value for our residents.