Final Invitation to Participate in Survey on Density

It is hard to find land in London to build on. One suggestion is to increase density – to allow more to be built on a piece of land.

To this end, my colleagues and I at the London School of Economics have put together a survey to better understand what Outer London residents think about this.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on the link below and then, after having read the instructions, by clicking ‘Continue’. It consists of two parts. The first is a short questionnaire and the second contains a series of images for the participant to respond to. It should take about 4-6 minutes to complete.

More detailed information, including a consent form, can be found on the survey’s introduction page.

Participants are encouraged to complete the survey by 14 June. Responses will be anonymous.

If there are any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email:

Link to the survey:

The website hosting the survey, Urban Experiment, is a platform for studies created by a researcher on our team. The data collected will only be shared among team members and with fellow academics.

The reason for this is one of academic standards; it is good practice to let other academics see research data to verify the quality of the work. A condition of sharing is that they would not pass the data to any third party. The research is funded internally – there are no external funders, so we are completely independent. The results will be published in an academic journal, making it available to other academics and the general public.

Thanks again for your help.