Latest Update from the DEMOC Campaign

Croydon Council have responded to their voters’ legitimate petition containing over 17,000 valid signatures and calling for the people to be given the choice next May.

The Council has the legal power to call a referendum on 6 May, the same day as the London Mayor and Assembly elections. That is the obvious day to have it because the extra cost would be minimal and if decided, a Mayor would be elected in May 2022 when the local Council elections take place.

The law gives the people the right to a referendum if 5% of voters demand one. In Croydon 5% is 13,788 voters. Although over 17,000 voters signed the petition, the Council Leadership refuses to use their legal powers to call the referendum in May.

It’s time for all Councillors to stand up for the people and make sure they are given the choice they demand in May 2021.

We are of course disappointed if not surprised by this decision.  We are clarifying some points with the Council and will keep you informed as events proceed.  We remain confident that sooner or later, the referendum will happen, and the people of Croydon will choose to have a mayor.

Getting the message out

We are still getting leaflets out in target areas.  We have the following leafleting sessions over the next couple of weeks in South Norwood/Selhurst.  Please join us in getting our leaflets out.  All sessions will socially distanced and we ask people to come and collect leaflets and maps, then go off in small groups.  We will also ask you to later confirm what roads you completed.

Tuesday 22-Sep 6:45pm
Meeting outside: The Clifton Arms  21 Clifton Rd, Selhurst, London SE25 6NJ

Sunday 27-Sep 11am
Meeting outside: The Cherry Tree  32 Station Rd, South Norwood, London SE25 5AG

Wednesday 30-Sep 6:45pm
Meeting outside: The Cherry Tree  32 Station Rd, South Norwood, London SE25 5AG

If you can, please come along and help us get the message out to the people of Croydon that we need a Democratically Elected Mayor!

Thanks for all your support.

From: The Campaign for a Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon