MHA Communities – Befriending Service

Our telephone, online and face-to-face befriending services for older people across Croydon, helps tackle feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Befriending is exactly what it sounds like – getting people together to make friends. Register your interest with us to receive a call back from our MHA Communities South London Manager about the support and companionship our volunteer befrienders can provide.

We are currently able to offer telephone befriending in all areas of mainland UK. Face-to-face befriending can be available in areas in South London. Many older people living in their own homes can become isolated and lonely, but with a regular weekly visit or telephone call, MHA Communities South London can help prevent this from happening.

Our trained volunteer befrienders are matched with MHA Communities members based on their interests and personalities.

Help a lonely older person!
Join our service as a volunteer befriender. 1 weekly hour of your time can change someone’s life! Contact our team to become a volunteer befriender.

MHA Communities South London at the Wilderness, 17 Shirley Church Road, Croydon CR9 5AL
Phone: 07597135220Email: