MHA Communities South London – Kitchen Garden Project

At the beginning of May, MHA Communities South London volunteers got together to create a kitchen garden.

They started with nothing but some compost and a pack of seeds. Since then, they worked very hard to support MHA Communities South London’s aim at
becoming more sustainable and to provide a space for the community to engage with nature whilst getting involved in gardening activities.

As of today, we are growing different varieties of vegetable and herbs: squash, southern kale, trail of tears beans, spring onion, chard and more but also fennel, parsley, coriander and more.

The development of the kitchen garden led to the creation of the Gardening for Wellbeing club where we help people living with Dementia, health and mental health conditions, and stroke survivors to access the benefit of gardening. What we grow gets used to prepare a healthy lunch for our members.

We would like to expand our kitchen garden and grow more vegetables to provide a weekly affordable lunch to elderly people living in the community.

Can you help us to help our local community?

We are looking for wood, containers, a glass house, polytunnel, anything that can help us develop our kitchen garden, and generate more activities for those in need and provide support to our local community.

Contact us at: MHA Communities South London at the Wilderness, 17 Shirley Church Road, Croydon CR9 5AL
Phone: 07597135220 – Email: