Power for People – February 2023 Update

A new Government-published report – the ‘Net Zero Review’ – has backed exactly what we are campaigning for. Its leading recommendation for more clean community energy: “Government should commit to the Local Electricity Bill.”

It says: “Current regulations in the energy market mean that community energy projects cannot directly supply local communities, an issue which the Local Electricity Bill seeks to address.”

But despite this Government-published report recommending that they themselves support the Bill, they continue to say it is not needed.

Active advocacy in Parliament by our MPs can help change the Government’s mind. We have seen that local constituents meeting with their MP is a very effective way of creating this.

Will you please meet with your MP? We will support and guide you with the organising and provide a briefing to help you feel confident and prepared. You do not need to be an expert on the issue. I can come along with you too, which has worked well when other supporters have met with their MPs.

Please click here if you are interested.

This campaign has come so far in building support to over 300 MPs. Let’s keep the momentum going so that we can enable communities to take control of local clean energy generation.

Together we can transform things.