Trading Standards – Doorstep Crime & Cold Callers

We have had reports that Croydon residents are being targeted by cold callers, sometimes called “Nottingham Knockers”, going from door to door selling goods.

We would encourage you NEVER to engage with a cold caller, NEVER to sign up for any work or services from your home, and NEVER to buy any products on your doorstep without taking time to seriously think about what you actually need and to research the trader in question.

Please do not open the door immediately but check who is outside first by looking out the window so you can decide if you want to open the door or not. Most will walk away if you are firm when you say ‘NO’.

If they come onto your property without permission, call the police on 999

ALWAYS get several quotes in writing before having any work done, ensure you have time to think about the quote and ensure the companies or traders are legitimate by finding traders using Approved Trader Schemes such as:


0333 555 1234



Buy With Confidence 01392 383 430





Which? Trusted Traders
0117 405 4689



Other platforms and websites which offer trader services do not carry out the same levels of checks and some do not carry out any checks at all.

Call Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline 0808 223 1133 or visit to report a scam or if you require further advice in regards to scams or consumer matters.

Please remember to report to Action Fraud 0300 123 2040 if you have actually been the victim of a scam or fraud.