Urgent Croydon Local Plan (CLP) Objection Letter Template

Dear #SaveShirley residents

We need your help! We are in the last stages of ongoing battle we are having with the council over the Croydon Local Plan (CLP) and the devastating effect it will have on our local area.

Thanks to your support and the huge number of objections that were lodged over the first draft of the plan had a significant effect and several planned changes and developments were dropped as a result.

There are however four areas that are still of particular concern for us here in Shirley:

1. The ‘intensification zone’ covering Wickham Road, Shirley Road and extending into a number of the side roads is inappropriate at the Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) in Shirley

2. Changes to the wording of the policy on back garden development to “resist” garden development include Front and side i.e. the whole garden area

3. Clarification of definition of Character of the locality (“setting”) should include reference to London Plan Policy 3.4 – Optimising housing potential – Character definition

4. The areas of land around Shirley Oaks Village that are having their Metropolitan Open Land status removed (de-designated)

This is our last chance to object to these policies, which if implemented, will have a serious and detrimental effect on Shirley over the coming years.

The Local Plan is now in its second stage and the process for objecting has changed, along with the criteria for a valid objection. The plan is going to be reviewed by an independent inspector and they will decide if it goes ahead or if any changes need to be made. At this point objections can only be on one of four criteria:

  1. The plan is not positively prepared.
  2. The plan is not justified.
  3. The plan is not effective.
  4. The plan is not consistent with national policy.

Objecting on these grounds is a more complex process than before and the online forms are quite long and involved

So we have summarised the main issues into a letter, which has been drafted to meet the objection criteria. We have included a copy for you to download. Simply fill in your own name and address on the bottom of the second page and sign and post to:

Spatial Planning Service
6th Floor Zone B, Bernard Weatherill House 8 Mint Walk
Croydon, CR0 1EA

You can also email it to: ldf@croydon.gov.uk

This will ensure that your voice is heard. BUT time is running out and all objections must be received by 17 October 2016

Download Objection Letter DOC: Save Shirley CLP2 Objection DOCX

Download Objection Letter PDF: SaveShirley CLP2 Objection PDF

Download this covering Letter PDF: SaveShirley Covering Letter CLP2

Thank you for your support!